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Recording and Mixing services specialising in electronic music

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Helping artists to bring their music to life and sonically be their absolute best


  • I will work with you to ensure we capture the best performance possible.
  • I will help you bring your artistic ideas to life.
  • I will use the best equipment possible to capture the right tone for your music.
  • I will provide access to some of the best vocal tuning engineers in the industry when needed.


  • I will work with you to determine the sound that will most closely connect your music with your listeners.
  • I will work hard to bring out the best in your music and provide a mix that is balanced, rich in depth and competitive in todays market.
  • I have working relationships with world class mastering engineers to ensure your music sounds its absolute best in the real world.

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"Working with Antony is an absolute pleasure. He always is incredibly accommodating and his creative flare with music production is inspiring. Antony produces quality music for us to utilise at high profile corporate shows and never fails to deliver. He is on task, dedicated and great fun to work with. I highly recommend his services for anything music related" Pep Rigano (Managing Director at the Australian Company of Performing Arts)
"So easy to work with and will definitely help you achieve the sound you're after! 
Been coming back to Adelaide from Melbourne to work with Ant for the past three years and we made some really dope tracks together" Ark-A

Antony Elwell - Recording/Mix Engineer

Originally born in the UK, Ant spent several years teaching music  production and working as a sound engineer at one of London’s leading music academies before relocating to Adelaide.

After setting up AAI Studios in 2012, Ant has now established his name as recording and mix engineer specialising in hip hop and electronic music. He has worked with many local, interstate and international artists and some of the worlds top independent record labels.

About the studio

AAI studios is one of Adelaide’s leading recording facilities with an acoustically tuned vocal booth, mixing room, two spacious air conditioned live rooms and control room for tracking live instruments.

We are located less than 5 minutes from the CBD with on street parking and plenty of cafes, pubs and shops near by.

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