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What we do:

At AAi Recording Studios, we are dedicated to advancing your music career with world-class recording, mixing, and mastering services tailored for electronic music artists and producers. Whether you're looking for an experienced engineer to handle everything, or seeking to take a more hands-on approach in your music creation, we've got you covered.
As part of the Adelaide Audio Institute, we also specialise in empowering aspiring producers and artists who want to become more self-sufficient. We offer self-engineered spaces and in-depth training to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed for independent music creation—all within a supportive and creative environment.


At AAi Recording Studios, we work closely with you to capture your best performance, bringing your artistic visions to life with guidance and state-of-the-art equipment.

Mixing and Mastering:

Our mixing and mastering services are designed to elevate your tracks to standout status. We ensure your music is balanced, loud, rich in depth, and competitive in today's market—ready for any platform.

Charly Angelz - S.W.E.A.T

Mixed by Ant at AAi


Faint one - U Feel

Mixed by Ant at AAi


Waxx Off - Skinner Shoot

Mixed by Ant at AAi


Alex Aurae - House a Home

Mixed by Ant at AAi


AJ Curtis and Scorey - Rock n Roll

Mixed by Ant at AAi


BZA - Steppin

Produced and Mixed by Ant at AAi


Sonz of Serpent - Life

Recorded/mixed by Ant at AAi


Charly Angelz - Pick up the pieces 

Mixed by Ant at AAi


Waxx Off - Supernova 

Mixed by Ant at AAi

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    Self-Engineered Studios and Writing Rooms:

    Looking for just the right space? Our studios go beyond basic writing and demo recording; they are acoustically treated and equipped with top-tier class A microphones, preamps, and audio interfaces. We provide everything needed to achieve major label quality recordings on your own terms.

    Training and Mentoring:

    As an integral part of the Adelaide Audio Institute, we offer specialised training in music production, recording, engineering, and the music business. Our training empowers you to record, edit, and mix your music to professional standards, putting you in control of your music career.

    Meet Our Team:

    Ant Elwell

    Owner/Head Sound Engineer and educator 

    Ant is the founder and owner of Adelaide Audio Institute and AAi Recording Studios and as such is the heart of both the studios and the music school. Originally from the UK, Ant has dedicated the past 15 years to teaching audio and working in recording studios.
    He serves as a producer, vocal producer, and mixing engineer, working with numerous local, interstate, and international artists, as well as some of the world's most prominent independent record labels.
    Dylan Wright 

    Producer, engineer and educator

    Dylan has been working as our resident music production tutor since 2020 and brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the studio. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing the guitar since he was 4, and picking up bass, keyboard, and trumpet along the way. 
    Outside of studio hours, he releases house music under his DJ-moniker “Dylan Writes”, and makes UK Garage under the name "Apollo". 
    Emma Sainsbury

    Producer, music industry specialist and educator 

    Emma has extensive experience as a live act, DJ, producer and vocalist with performances across Germany and Europe, Asia and the Middle East and Australia including MJUT Leipzig, Fusion Festival, Boiler Room London, Rainbow Serpent, Splendor in the Grass and many more.
    In 2020 Emma started a coaching initiative supporting Womxn and Non-binary people in electronic music production, performance and label management, as well as online specialist videos and QnAs for Beatport.

    What our clients say:

    Hands down the best studio i've been to in South Australia. I recorded with Antony who's very professional, he's incredibly skilled, his feedback is always helpful and overall his production skill's and experience are incredibly valuable for any artist recording with him. I highly recommend.
    I have received amazing feedback on my song,
    and about the production behind it!!
    It can be hard to find a place in Adelaide that produces professional quality at the highest standard to compete with the best. But I found Ant at AAI and and his expertise in mixing and recording is definitely up there with the best.
    Absolutely professional all round. The quality of work is unmatched I have and will be returning on a regular basis. The service is unmatched.
    Learnt so much from the teachers here, great people and very helpful. I have enjoyed my time here, look forward for more lessons !
    1080P Zach - Google review 
    This is the only place which comes into my mind when it comes to recording, mixing or production. I first met Ant in 2016. He always does the best job. Got lots of experience, has best studio setup I have ever know in Adelaide and always tries to squeeze in if I am in a hurry. 
    I have learnt so much from the wonderfully talented team here, and as a result of their support and enthusiasm, have created and produced music I am genuinely proud of.

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    AAI Recording Studios/Adelaide Audio Institute

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