The Studio

Studio A

Studio A is the perfect environment for recording live instruments and offers a spacious air conditioned Live room, drum room and control room. All rooms are purpose built and acoustically treated to give excellent results. The rooms are completely isolated to allow tracking of multiple instruments at once with minimal spill, and large windows ensures all band members can maintain excellent communication between one another.

  • Control room
  • Live room
Control 24 console
Didgidesign 003
Aphex Aural exciter
Aphex twintube
HHB (TL Audio) Channel strip and preamp
Yorkville Monitors

Studio B

Studio B is our dedicated music production, mixing and mastering room complete with an isolated vocal booth.

  • Booth 1
  • Booth 2
12 Core Mac Pro
Motu 16a
Neumann KH 120 Monitors
Quested F11 Monitors
Avantone Mixcube
Event 2020 Monotors
Focusrite ISA Preamp
Icon Qcon Pro Control Surface
Drawmer mc2.1 Monitor control system
Black Lion Audio AGB stereo compressor (homage to the Neve 33600
Elysia X filter – Class A mastering grade EQ
Elysia Karakter – Class A mastering grade distortion
Nord Modular Synth
Moog Minitaur Synth
Novation Remote 25sl
Alesis MIDI keyboard

Studio C

Our main DJ studio is ideal for those looking to professionally record and master their next mix or compilation and creates the perfect environment for our training courses. This room boasts top of the range DJ equipment and fully integrated Mac computers with the latest software.

  • DJ room
2 x CDJ 2000 nexus
2 x CDJ 850
3 x Technics 1210
Pioneer DDJ SX controller
Pioneer DDJ SB controller
Native instruments Kontrol F1
Native instruments Traktor Audio 6
Novation Ableton Launchpad